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Entry #2039: What We Did Last Summer

The 93 days of sunshine and blue skies are behind us. The Alchemy Lab Rats have been known to trade their views of laptops for lakeviews, and lab couches for lounge chairs in the summer months. Who can blame them? The other 272 days of the year are far from rat-friendly weather in the mitten state. Ah yes, the summer is…

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Brand Evolution

Entry #2035: When It’s Time to Change

Experiments are moving from Exploration to Evolution en masse. Things are a-buzz around the Lab, my dear Outlanders. The Lab Rats are moving about, fast and furiously, as they graduate a number of their experiments to their second phase. Known around these parts as “Evolution,” this next step apparently draws upon the discoveries made during…

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Journal Entry #1923: Open Lab

The human “lab rats” have themselves in a dither planning for some sort of event coming up. Much to my dismay, they plan to open the lab to outlanders everywhere. They call this experiment “The Open House”…or others are calling it “The Elixir Mixer.” Are they crazy?!?!? Introducing foreign agents into a secure lab environment?!?!? Near…

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Journal Entry #1912: An Interesting Hypothesis

Well this is an interesting discovery and hypothesis: Can a Broadway play be promoted via a “movie trailer?” Well that’s exactly what’s going on with Willy Wonka. In promoting a musical version of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the production company is using trailer-style video teasers. It’s not often that Broadway musicals get big-budget film…

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Journal Entry #1,892: Telling Stories

An interesting discovery was made today: Boy, do these humans like to tell stories. (Did I tell you that they, too, call themselves “Lab Rats?” LOL!) Storytelling seems to be at the center of every conversation they have. They keep saying to one another, “At the heart of every meaningful engagement is a story that…

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Journal Entry #1,847: The Move

Success. For reasons that shall remain secret at this time, I am pleased to report that we’ve successfully relocated the lab from an office building in Troy to an industrial space in Royal Oak. I managed to scurry out with most of the lab rats in tow, and successfully teleported all of our old lab…

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