Claudia Paez

Senior Alchemist

Claudia’s journey took many leaps and turns (literally and figuratively) before she made her way into the Alchemy lab. We set the stage in the city of Caracas, Venezuela where Claudia enjoys the first six, carefree years of her life. She developed her “Queen B” status early on in her pre-k career.

First one to learn how to tie her shoes? You bet.

First one to hold deep (one-sided) conversations with her non-verbal classmates? Most definitely.

At 6 years old, she was loving life.

Little did she know all the places she would go…

Growing up, Claudia was fortunate to travel beautiful parts of the world, exploring new cultures, meeting new people and assimilating to different ways of life. She lived in Miami, Buenos Aires, New York, Boca Raton, Fort Worth…the list goes on! She ended up moving SIX TIMES before dropping her pin in Michigan.

Throughout the years, Claudia developed a passion for the arts…just like her fellow Alchemists! She pursued her love of ballet and performing arts for 13 years before finding her way in the business world. She started her career in the fashion industry working at a Miami high-fashion label, where she helped the company re-brand itself for the e-commerce world. In the process, she developed a new level of excitement towards writing and brand experience.

After graduating from the University of Florida, Claudia entered the next chapter in her life with one mission in mind: finding a place where she could further explore her love of writing, creative branding and project management skills (a.k.a. Alchemy).

Claudia officially joined the team in April of 2014 and has never looked back. As the Senior Alchemist, Claudia manages anything that comes through the lab – clients, projects, lab rats…you name it! Her goal is to ensure you experience all of Alchemy’s magical elementsall the time.

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