Samantha McClure

Creative Alchemist

Once upon a time, Sam aspired to ignite her love for the arts and business into a perfect harmony. During that magical time we all refer to as high school, Sam stumbled upon the world of advertising and public relations which seemed to perfectly fuse her two passions.

And so, the story goes…

Sam left home and ventured to the mystical land of Chicago to study advertising and public relations at Loyola University. When studying no longer felt like work, Sam fell in love with the brand management world and decided to pursue a career in this field. Following graduation, she spent some time elevating the brand of a local home health care company. On one fateful day, she stepped into the Alchemy lab and the rest was history.

Sam now uses her creativity to formulate the best elixirs for each experiment that wanders into the lab. She is responsible for working with Alchemy’s clients to bring all facets of experience, engineering and engagement to life.

She also can’t seem to keep these rats off of her…