Samantha McClure

Creative Alchemist

Being a special blend of right and left-brained, early on Sam aspired to ignite her love for the arts and business into a perfect harmony. While studying advertising, public relations and graphic design, Sam stumbled upon her harmonious career path.

Sam started her career spearheading the elevation of a home health care and hospice company. While designing new brand assets, working to boost the company culture, and intertwining internal and external strategies along the way, Sam knew she had found her dream career path. On one fateful day, she stepped into the Alchemy lab and the rest was history.

As the Creative Alchemist, Sam now uses her creativity to formulate the best elixirs for each experiment that wanders into the lab. She is responsible for working with her fellow Alchemists and clients to bring all facets of experience, engineering and engagement to life through creative executions. Her creative abilities see no boundaries…working with companies of every industry and size (from tech startups to long-established consumer brands).

An Obsession-Worthy Side Project

Claudia and Sam are entrepreneurs of their own! They launched a product-review blog in April of 2017, called Certifiably Obsessed, where they analyze and review trending beauty and lifestyle brands by putting them to the CO test to find out if they are truly worth obsessing about. Only the best get their Stamp of Approval…it’s very official.