Tom Nixon

Chief Growth Alchemist

Tom began his career mixing marketing elements after a failed career as professional musician in the early 90s. Who knows what might have been had his music been…what’s the industry term?…marketable.

His Facebook profile makes mention of his past history as “the former emperor of a small nation known then as Alabama,” noting that, “Since those times, much has changed, including recipes for Borscht.” We suspect, perhaps, that Tom has been working in the lab without his safety equipment properly secured.

The Story Goes Something Like This…

Tom studies advertising, journalism and English as a curious and industrious college student.

Tom falls in love with the craft of storytelling.

Tom pursues his passion and hones his craft writing songs, concept musical albums, screenplays, short stories, novels, humor novelas, persuasive essays and dirty limericks.

Tom falls into marketing profession, largely by happenstance.

Three decades later, he’s starting to make something of a career out of this.

And so the story continues. Tom now combines one part magic with one part science to conjure marketing formulas that help brands engage audiences in inspired new ways and through innovative vehicles, both traditional and groundbreaking. He and his team of lab rats have successfully transformed marketing outcomes for nearly 50 companies, using a proprietary process and marketing operating system.

Prior to co-formulating his own elixir for brand immortality (Alchemy), Tom completed residence stays at marketing and advertising labs for nearly 20 years.