Brand Engineering

Your logo is not your brand…nor is your slogan.

A brand is the experience intended and unintended audiences are left with every possible exposure to your company, product or service. After we plunge deep below the surface to find what’s worthy of discovery — hidden elements just begging to be recovered and refined — our Alchemists apply a specially formulated elixir to ignite brand magic.


The likely outcomes:


Core Purpose – succinct, with clarity and unity

Brand voice – the messaging hierarchy

Brand image – the physical identity

Tagline – how will they remember you, in eight words or less?

Brand assets – the refined gold you will take to market, both online and off

Creative strategy – how will this gold be sold?

The rollout – internal and external reveals, with maximum impact


We enter into every engagement tactic agnostic, meaning we don’t need to sell you a website or a social media campaign. We search only for the answer, independently and without prejudice, to create a brand that is truly magnetic to your core constituents.


See how, in our Alchemy Marketing Elixir System!