Brand Strategy Grand Rapids Michigan

Brand Strategy Grand Rapids Michigan

Alchemy works with national and international companies located or headquartered in Grand Rapids Michigan, to explore, evolve and engage a company’s brand strategy Grand Rapids Michigan market and beyond. This includes brand voice development, brand engineering and product development and launch, to name only a few.

But as a brand strategy firm in Grand Rapids Michigan that has worked with small businesses and large corporations, we believe all of this comes at the end of research, planning and development—not at the beginning. We work hard with clients to truly discover and define why they are in business, why anyone should care, and why someone will choose to do business with that brand.

A company’s brand experience is the combination of multiple key elements, such as: 1.)  brand’s image and impression and 2.) the brand voice, how it sounds and interacts with the audience. Just as an individual has a unique persona based on how he looks and what he says, a company must create a consistency of message and experience to eliminate disconnects and provide compelling clarity by marrying these two elements together.

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Alchemy is a brand strategy agency focused on research, engagement and real actionable plans that make a difference in any organization. We work with companies to activate teams, activate customers and build the elixir for brand immortality.