Wanna be an Alchemist?

We are always looking for new alchemist recruits to work in the lab, mixing strange elements and changing the nature of time and space in the branding and advertising world. If you think you would be a great fit, please use our handy worksheet below to see if you have the right stuff.


A charging rhino isn’t a problem, it’s a challenge!


I don’t think outside the box, I jump on it and smash it up into little pieces and then throw the pieces into a blender.


I tell cab drivers in cities I have never been to how to get to the destination!


I don’t even wear a watch! (but I do have an alarm for the morning).


I wear so many hats I have to duck to walk through doorways.

If you identify with all of the above – you are probably a little crazy. Crazy like those mad scientists that line our hallway. You sound like a good potential lab rat recruit. Check our list below for the positions we are looking for, and if you don’t see one that describes you, make one up and send it to us.

Email your resume with a subject line that says: “I wanna be an alchemist!” to the appropriate Alchemist listed below.

Please do not send us a cover letter, unless it is a short, creative story about a puppy and a narwhal creating a plan for world domination.

Jr. Creative Alchemist (Graphic Designer/Web Designer)

We are looking for someone who can creatively assist our team with graphic design and website development. This is the perfect opportunity for someone with both a design and WordPress background who can take a general brand vision and bring it to life both graphically and digitally.

In other words, you’re great at designing anything and everything from a brand logo, to packaging, to print ads, to digital banners, to billboards, to website templates…and also know your way around the inner workings of WordPress.

Can you say yes to the following?

  • I love working in the Adobe suite…that’s where my ideas come alive!
  • WordPress websites are my JAM! I love creating visually appealing sites through this platform.
  • I have a collaborative attitude and want to work with other creatives to bring ideas to the table.
  • I am open to taking on many roles and kicking ass in ALL of them.
  • I want to learn anything and everything I can about the inner and outer workings of branding and advertising.
  • I have a great and fearless work ethic.
  • I am passionate about making projects come to life and pay very close attention to the detail and skill required to deliver quality outcomes.
  • I have the ability to work autonomously to get projects completed by required deadlines.
  • I would love to work in an open and fun environment.Problem-solving is my thang! Especially when it comes to both design and web.

Sound like you? Email your resume and portfolio to Claudia at cpfau@alchemygp.com!

Growth Alchemist (Sales Associate)

Are you an experienced business development or sales professional with a proven track record of generating leads and driving new business? Do you have a passion for — and at least a broad understanding of — the creative industry, including advertising, branding, website development, digital marketing and more? Then sell us on why you’d be the perfect candidate to be our next Growth Alchemist!

We have an immediate opening for the right fit: someone who is self-motivated, driven, a little competitive, and who is not afraid to make new connections. Formal sales training preferred.

Can you say yes to the following?

  • I’m not afraid to hear “no,” but I don’t always take it for an answer.
  • I can show you my proven process to generate leads and get to closing.
  • I’ve successfully sold services in my past, and I don’t mind bragging about it.
  • I speak fluent “marketing”…or, at least, proficiently.
  • I’m so good at follow-through, I even follow up on my follow-ups!

Sound like you? If so, start selling right away, and pitch yourself to Tom at tnixon@alchemygp.com!