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Entry #2049: Travels Far and Wide

What a whirlwind! Things are moving fast around here lately, my dear outlanders! I can barely keep up. But I thought it best to keep you apprised of the goings on.   The humans have been in and out…and in and out again. I’m hearing reports of travels to distant lands, known as California, Texas…

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Brand Evolution

Entry #2035: When It’s Time to Change

Experiments are moving from Exploration to Evolution en masse. Things are a-buzz around the Lab, my dear Outlanders. The Lab Rats are moving about, fast and furiously, as they graduate a number of their experiments to their second phase. Known around these parts as “Evolution,” this next step apparently draws upon the discoveries made during…

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ENTRY# 2026: Breaking News!

Overheard: It’s a new product! My Dear Outlanders, I have exciting news to share. As I reported a while back, the humans are conducting a groundbreaking experiment of their very own, using themselves as the proverbial lab rats! Well, listen to this: I’ve been spying and listening in, and I have the first bit of…

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Entry #2017: To Combine or Not to Combine?

Should you always mix elements? I’m writing to you today from a literal hole in the wall…here at the Alchemy lab. ┬áListening in, but staying out of view. The humans are entertaining again. Many new lab rats are entering, participating in what they call a “Reboot Camp.” Interesting discovery technique. The question keeps arising: “Should…

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Entry #1970: More Interlopers

Good gracious! This place is crawling with lab rats! I don’t know what’s going, but the humans seem to be hosting an inordinate amount of outlanders at the lab these days. First, the “open house” a few days back, and now…the environment seems to be teeming with stoppers by and what they call “guests.” Each…

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Journal Entry #1,888: A New Experiment

Overheard an interesting conversation in the lab today. The humans are planning something big. (Interesting side note, they call themselves “Lab Rats.” If only they knew they about us REAL lab rats. — Maybe they do! –) This new experiment they’re embarking on sounds interesting. From what I can tell, they are planning to mix…

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