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ENTRY #2013: Rats can fly?

Did you know rats can fly? Well, let’s be clear here. Not all rats can fly. The Alchemy breed can, exclusively.   Our Lab Rats flew to the land where everything is bigger: Texas. Dallas, to be specific. Rats don’t go to Dallas for leisure. They go to make commercials. Obvi.   Our Lab Rats…

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Journal Entry #1912: An Interesting Hypothesis

Well this is an interesting discovery and hypothesis: Can a Broadway play be promoted via a “movie trailer?” Well that’s exactly what’s going on with Willy Wonka. In promoting a musical version of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the production company is using trailer-style video teasers. It’s not often that Broadway musicals get big-budget film…

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Journal Entry #1,900: Crisis Averted!

Phew! We made it!   Got the all-clear from my fellow lab rats today. The catastrophe I reported in my last journal entry did, in fact, turn out to be a net positive.   Hypothesis: The mercury seems to have mixed with other existing elements already in the lab (fire, water, earth, air and metal…

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