Detroit Brand Strategy Firms

Alchemy is a Detroit Brand Strategy Firm where brand strategy and brand consultancy are just the start.  Alchemy works with you to explore, evolve and engage your company’s brand uniqueness, both visually and verbally.  This includes brand messaging, naming and tagline development, to name just a few.

As a brand strategy firm in Detroit that has worked with both small and large corporations, we believe all of this comes at the end of brand strategy—not at the beginning.  We work tirelessly with our clients until we truly discover and articulate why they do what they do, why anyone should pay attention to what they do, and why someone would choose to purchase from that brand.

A company’s brand identity is comprised of two key elements: 1.) image (how you look in the eye of the consumer) and 2.) voice (what you are saying).  Just as no two people are the same, a company must differentiate themselves to stand out from the crowd and be unlike anyone else.  They do this by creating brand consistency, eliminating the disconnects and providing compelling clarity by marrying both the brand image and the brand voice.  To find out more about how we do this as a Detroit branding consulting, please click the link in the next paragraph.

Alchemy is a Detroit brand strategy firm that understands and implements the power of why. We work with companies to ensure they are creating symmetry across all platforms of their business in an effective manner.