Detroit Branding Agency

Looking for a Detroit branding agency? Whether your company has an established brand strategy or you have no brand strategy at all, you need a Detroit branding agency that understands the power of “why.”  There is much more to a brand than just a logo, a tagline, and a Facebook page with some clever posts (Although that can be part of it).

In our experience working with companies of all sizes, we have found it to be true that all of this is necessary, but in order to be successful, you need to work from the inside out. Here’s what we mean: realize who you are and why you do what you do. Then work outward from there. Realizing the WHYs of your business will open up doors to many more opportunities.

People don’t buy products based off of what the company offers.  There are competitors and generics out there for that. Some people base their decisions off of how organizations do what they do.  They appreciate the customer service, how green the company is or who the company helps with their services.  But nearly every person who buys something bases his or her purchasing decision on an emotional why: Why will purchasing this product change my life or my business?

Alchemy is a Detroit branding agency that appreciates the power of WHY.  We work hard to make sure our customers understand the WHYs in every aspect of their business as well.  We want to make sure the messaging, the logo, the brand, the tagline, and the advertising all communicate the WHY of your business with clear direction and precision.