Detroit Branding Consultant

Alchemy’s core focus is as a Detroit branding consultant. Servicing authentic brand engagement and consistency of voice, Alchemy articulates an imperative distinction between branding and brand strategy, while still catering to both services.

Being a Detroit branding consultant means clarifying that a brand consists of much more than a logo or name. Company re-branding is not as simple as using a different font or switching up the color scheme on their website. Authentic brand strategy work is sifting through all the noise and realizing true and energizing bench marks to forge a truly unique brand composition and message to bring to the table for your target audience.

A brand experience is comprised of two essential elements: 1.) The brand’s image (a consistent look across all uses) and 2.) the brand’s voice (a consistent way of engaging with your audience). Just as no two people on earth are the same, an organization has a unique persona. Creating a uniform, flowing, engaging message that provides clarity and moves the consumer to an action takes a strategic approach. If you are interested in hearing more about our approach as a Detroit branding consultant, please contact us.