Detroit Branding Firms

There are many Detroit branding firms, but few actually service small business, start-ups and large corporations while still providing the glitz and glamour that comes with working with a large advertising firm. There can only be one, Highlander Alchemy Group.

Alchemy has discovered that your typical Detroit branding firm either offers top-shelf strategy consultation to large corporations or the “spray-and-pray” approach for smaller businesses in the area.  Drawing on more than 30 years combined and a variety of skill sets, Alchemy Group sets themselves apart from your typical Detroit branding firm in that it offers strategic branding consulting and ground-level operation management to companies with a tighter budget that cannot afford the big wig agencies in the area; while still being too large to outsource their strategic branding to the hands of a kid so fresh out of college that the ink hasn’t even dried on his diploma yet.

If you feel like you fit this category and have not had an experience that has lived up to your expectations from these other Detroit branding firms, please feel free to contact us and hear more about our branding firm’s lab tested formulas and results.