Detroit Rebrand Consultants

As Detroit rebrand consultants, our team at Alchemy understands the process it takes to deliver the proper rebranding strategies to set our clients apart from their competition. The rebranding process is a complete overhaul of a company’s brand. To put a brand through a successful rebrand you have to develop the appropriate strategy and execute the best tactics if you hope to elevate above the clutter.

Alchemy’s team of Detroit rebrand consultants have partnered with companies ranging in scope from startups to international organizations to redesign and re-invent their brands. The rebrand process includes creating and implementing new program components to make the process for participating employees more engaging and more brand-immersive by utilizing online engagement, print materials, digital marketing strategies, social media and other creative correspondence. With Alchemy, you are no longer forced to take a shot in the dark at tactics, but rather learn how to take a measured approach to accomplish a desired ending.

As Detroit rebranding consultants, Alchemy will work with your organization to explore, evolve and engage your brand. Learn more about Alchemy’s approach and read our “Lab Results” to see the type of results Alchemy delivers.