Elixir System

The Elixir System

Our three-phase process elevates all aspects of your brand from the inside out. This proven system of Exploration, Evolution and Engagement has helped over 70 companies find success, overcome their unique challenges, and achieve brand clarity.



The first step in achieving brand clarity is aligning organizational leadership around a single understanding of the brand’s unique position in the marketplace. We achieve this through a fully immersive, hands-on Re-Boot Camp at the Alchemy Lab followed by extensive Field Work and Lab Work in which we study your company’s entire ecosystem.


What does this include?


The Re-Boot Camp

Facilitated conversation

Coaching and education

Questionnaires…and answers

Workshopping and team exercises

Planning and roadmapping

The Field Work

Management team meetings

Sales team discussions

Employee conversations

Secret shopper and/or sales and customer experience evaluation

Client/customer conversations and surveys

Blind audience pulls for focus grouping

The Lab Work

Internal audit of your brand and marketing materials

External audit of your competitors and peers

Examine product or service including pricing and design

Audit of marketing budget

Audit marketing and advertising programs


After our research is complete, we meet again for a full-day meeting where we reveal our discoveries and discuss your unique elixir to reach brand clarity.



Next, we make sure the vision and mission is lived and breathed uniformly throughout the entire organization, and especially on the front lines — those who deal most directly with customers and clients. We do this through Internal and External evolutions that run on parallel tracks.


What could this include?


Internal Evolution

Define and implement Core Values and Brand Platform

Assign and train Brand Champions to lead visionary changes

Ensure a brand-focused recruiting and onboarding process

Review product development or enhancements

Integrate brand language into sales pitch

Oversee evolution rollout process

External Evolution

Develop brand assets (logo, website, marketing materials, brand videos, etc.)

Design and produce advertising assets (TV commercials, radio spots, digital ads, print ads, etc.)

Define customer brand experience

Create marketing and asset deployment



Lastly, we master-plan an internal launch and strategy that gives your company the power to live and breathe the brand for years to come. We simultaneously go live with a robust marketing plan that truly engages audiences into the optimum customer experience. When done correctly, this will breed loyalty, nurture affinity and create brand immortality.


What could this include?


Internal Launch

Plan employee event to reveal new brand assets that set company vision

Create Brand Voice Guides

Provide structure for CEO remarks

Launch brand assets (websites, brochures, social media properties, etc.)

External Launch

Assist in planning launch event

Provide guidance for press and media announcements

Develop constituent communications templates

Define media budget

Launch advertising plan


These three stages ultimately lead to brand clarity. Check out these brand transformations to see the science and magic in action.

Ready to discover your brand’s immortality elixir? Contact the Alchemists to get started.