Entry #1970: More Interlopers

Good gracious! This place is crawling with lab rats!

I don’t know what’s going, but the humans seem to be hosting an inordinate amount of outlanders at the lab these days. First, the “open house” a few days back, and now…the environment seems to be teeming with stoppers by and what they call “guests.” Each has a new experiment they want to run, and each is looking for their own special elixir for brand immortality.


What is a Re-Boot Camp?

Here’s a new one on me: They keep referencing something called a “Re-Boot Camp.” Seems to be some all-inclusive, daylong collaboration filled with both exploration and experimentation. See for yourself, and you tell me what you think it means. Near as I can tell, they plan to run a number of these new visitors through it. Great. Just what this lab needs. More interlopers!


I’m going to summon my assistant Reginald, and see if I can change the locks on this place!



Bunson J. Rattington

Bunson J. Rattington

Lab Rat at Alchemy
Bunson acts as the eyes and ears of the Alchemy Lab – secretly recording the exciting experiments and funny happenings the humans get into every day.
Bunson J. Rattington

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