ENTRY #2013: Rats can fly?

Did you know rats can fly?

Well, let’s be clear here. Not all rats can fly. The Alchemy breed can, exclusively.


Our Lab Rats flew to the land where everything is bigger: Texas. Dallas, to be specific.

Rats don’t go to Dallas for leisure. They go to make commercials. Obvi.


Our Lab Rats wear multiple hats, and love it. One day they’re concocting elixirs in Royal Oak and the next they’re creating fog in Dallas.


Really, can it get any better? Probs not.

One thing that could’ve been better was our weather prediction. We assumed Dallas would be 70 degrees, sunny, and beautiful. Of course, it was just that the day we arrived and the day we left. All the days in between? A balmy 40 degrees and usually raining. It was warmer in Detroit.


Want to know what the commercials were for?

We like to add elements of mystery to our followers’ lives here at the lab. So, here are a few clues.

  1. Born in 1947.
  2. There’s a spot on your driveway. Uh oh.
  3. Want to save money on gas?


If you can guess it, we’ll give you a prize. Happy guessing!

*The prize may or may not be a stuffed rat sent to your abode. Maybe. You’ll have to guess to find out.


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