Entry #2017: To Combine or Not to Combine?

Should you always mix elements?

I’m writing to you today from a literal hole in the wall…here at the Alchemy lab.  Listening in, but staying out of view.

The humans are entertaining again. Many new lab rats are entering, participating in what they call a “Reboot Camp.” Interesting discovery technique.

The question keeps arising: “Should we combine, or kill?” They’re referring to elements they’ve created over time. Some call them “brands,” others simply refer to them as “logos.” It seems these companies have allowed their identities to metastasize over the years, and now there’s confusion. Some confess to doing so with little strategic aforethought; others did so to solve a challenge that arose in the past but that no longer exists…and now seems an irrelevant distant memory, rendering the additional brand/logo superfluous.


What to do?

There is no one master elixir to solve this challenge universally, I overhear one of the resident humans advise. And each path bears both promise and peril. So how do we know?, a visiting lab rat ponders.

More discovery is needed.

“Allow your market to have a say, but play an active role in molding their perceptions.”

“But how do we know what our market thinks?” the visitor persists.

“Simple,” an Alchemist answers, “We ask them.”


Now, they’re off to do some field work. I’ll let you know what the results turn up!


Bunson J. Rattington

Bunson J. Rattington

Lab Rat at Alchemy
Bunson acts as the eyes and ears of the Alchemy Lab – secretly recording the exciting experiments and funny happenings the humans get into every day.
Bunson J. Rattington

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