Entry #2035: When It’s Time to Change

Experiments are moving from Exploration to Evolution en masse.

Things are a-buzz around the Lab, my dear Outlanders. The Lab Rats are moving about, fast and furiously, as they graduate a number of their experiments to their second phase.

Known around these parts as “Evolution,” this next step apparently draws upon the discoveries made during Exploration, as hypotheses are evidently converted into proofs. The humans often proclaim, “The guesswork is over! Now we know what needs to be done…and why…and how…and for whom!” I see them injecting change agents into their subjects, as they profess to “convert raw minerals into gold — the very essence of alchemy!”

The transformations are in process, but from what I’ve been able to espy from the recesses and nooks in the walls, what’s about to come is most exciting indeed!

I will soon post the results once they are ready for public consumption. Stay tuned!


Bunson J. Rattington

Bunson J. Rattington

Lab Rat at Alchemy
Bunson acts as the eyes and ears of the Alchemy Lab – secretly recording the exciting experiments and funny happenings the humans get into every day.
Bunson J. Rattington

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