Entry #2039: What We Did Last Summer

The 93 days of sunshine and blue skies are behind us.

The Alchemy Lab Rats have been known to trade their views of laptops for lakeviews, and lab couches for lounge chairs in the summer months. Who can blame them? The other 272 days of the year are far from rat-friendly weather in the mitten state.

Ah yes, the summer is full of fun and games, but the humans still managed to accomplish many feats this summer. Feats of passion, I might add.

You may have caught a few of my earlier grumblings about the lab rats pursuing their dreams beyond the day-to-day lab work, but I have a new one for you. Turns out the head lab rats are capable of writing more than a tagline. Much, much more.


Rats to Published Authors

Brent (a.k.a. Venerable Hoden) wrote a contemporary guide to the eightfold path. As an ordained Buddhist monk, Brent has serious expertise on finding peace and liberation in the modern world.

This book breaks down each of the elements of this path along with aspects of the overlaying concepts of the middle path, the four noble truths and the pathways to perfect our thoughts and actions to find peace and liberation in a modern world.

Brent also runs the Dharma Gate Zen Center in Troy, in case you were unaware.


Meanwhile, Tom composed an original fiction novel in the suspense genre.

From the synopsis: “The sudden and strange disappearance of Joel Thomas brings together his ex-wife and best friend in a search for answers. Is the answer to Joel’s mysterious departure found in a simple note sent to Mary, or is it locked somewhere back in time?”

Did you know Tom was an English major? This is Tom’s third novel, to go along with two screenplays, a children’s story, several short stories, and five album’s worth of music and lyrical composition.


Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Both Head Lab Rats became published authors within weeks of each other. Coincidence? I may put it up to a case of telepathy…


Rats Can Be Beautiful

Speaking of #twinsies…Claudia and Sam have pursued their passion for writing in a less-lengthy, but trendy world. Indeed, the two have started a product review blog and I must say, I’m Certifiably Obsessed with it. The two even put a special focus on cruelty-free brands. They’ve got me feelin’ some kind of way!


Last But Not Least

At this point I’ve exposed the humans are preparing for a new product launch of their own. Ah yes, you’ve heard it’s a consumer brand, but that’s all you know. It shall remain the only bit you know for now.

That being said, things are bustling in the lab more than ever. All I can report at this time is that progress is being made. Once the product is ready for exposure to the elements, you’ll be the first to know!

One of the many benefits of being a human at the Alchemy Lab is the ability to pursue your passion projects. Good for them, I’m stuck up here observing them and reporting to you all. I suppose it’s better than being a dumpster rat. Although, rats have passions too.

Gotta go – my weekly cheese delivery just arrived. Told you rats have passions.

Bunson J. Rattington

Bunson J. Rattington

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Bunson acts as the eyes and ears of the Alchemy Lab – secretly recording the exciting experiments and funny happenings the humans get into every day.
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