How to Pick the Right Spokesperson for your Brand

Geico has the gecko, Progressive has Flo, Travelocity has the gnome, and Priceline has William Shatner. Finding the right spokesperson to represent your brand is essential to communicating brand personality. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right personality. You don’t want to end up like Flo — annoying and overused. Seriously, go away.


Pick a Spokesperson or Spokesteam Who…


Personifies the Values and Culture of your Brand

This is the person your audience will interact with and see the most. Whether it’s at events, on advertising campaigns, or on your website, you want this person to represent you in such a way that brings the brand and its values to life. Pick someone with a personality that matches that of your company—quirky, serious, energetic. Whatever it is, make sure they capture the essence of your brand.


Your Target Market can Relate to

The more your spokesperson resembles your target market, the more that market will trust and relate to them. Because the spokesperson or team will interact with consumers on a regular basis, you want to make sure that the two have a lot in common. Maybe they come from similar backgrounds, or are part of the same generation, or are passionate about the same hobbies. Pick someone who your market will respect.


Is Intuitive

Let’s face it — haters are gonna hate. You might think your company is the…as you should! But, unfortunately, there will be people out there who disagree. That’s why it’s important to pick a spokesperson who knows how to react to backlash. The more intuitive they are, the more comfortable they will be when faced with adversity about the brand.

Make sure to test them! Are they able to react quickly to negative comments? Do they have a positive demeanor in confrontational situations? Do they know enough about your company to back it up? If so, it looks like you’ve got yourself a winner.


Gives your Brand Credibility

Make sure they can speak comfortably on behalf of the brand and the products or services you provide. They don’t need to be experts on the matter, but they should be willing to learn and absorb all knowledge available to them about the company. The more they know, the more your consumers will trust both them and your brand.


If Picking a Team…Focus on Chemistry

Having a spokesteam is great, especially when your brand attracts two different types of consumers. However, you have to be careful when picking the perfect team. There is nothing more uncomfortable than watching two people being forced to interact “naturally.” If you feel awkward watching them, your audience will too. Spare your audience and the spokespeople by finding true chemistry. Look for signs of encouragement and a sense of ease from both parties. 


Meet Bobby and Caitlin!

Bobby and Caitlin

We went through a similar experience when finding a spokesteam for the Bar’s Leaks and Rislone brands. As the company tries to expand consumer-level outreach, we wanted to find personalities that are approachable and relatable to a wide (but specific) set of constituencies.

Have you met Bobby Janiec and Caitlin Burt? If not, where have you been?!

We knew from the first audition, that these two were the perfect pair. They are passionate, authentically excited about the brands, and love to interact with people. Not to mention, they legitimately value the two companies and are willing to learn whatever they can to be knowledgeable brand ambassadors.

We obviously love them, but what about you? Do you think these two make a good team?



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