Journal Entry #1956: The Lab Exposed

It happened. The human “lab rats” exposed our lab to foreign agents.

Not only did they expose the lab, but they just opened the doors and let people roam like a bunch of hooligans! I’d like to meet the human that created the concept of an “open house” and give him a few remarks…

I found a hole to hide in during the chaos, but managed to scurry out and snap a few photos for proof of the madness.

The humans had been working all year on the perfect elixirs for some of their most wanton desires: immortality, wealth, and wisdom. They released these elixirs to all the foreign agents, but only allowed them to have two of the three. If a human had all three, they were asking for too much and ended up with none of the benefits. (As an aside, I heard the elixirs were delicious.)



They even let the intruders stomp all over our biological testing grounds! Oh, the madness!



Last, and absolutely worst of all, two of my associates were abducted by mini terrorizers! They were drowned in slobber! The mutiny!



I hope I never have to report on such terror again. I’m off to create a baby repellant for my fellow associates to bathe in…

Stay tuned.

Bunson J. Rattington

Bunson J. Rattington

Lab Rat at Alchemy
Bunson acts as the eyes and ears of the Alchemy Lab – secretly recording the exciting experiments and funny happenings the humans get into every day.
Bunson J. Rattington

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