Brent Eastman

Chief Creative Alchemist

Starting his advertising career early in his teen years, Brent spent a couple of summers doing street activation promoting a local entrepreneur engaged in the catering industry (he pushed a hot dog cart). Learning from the ground up, working in a print shop, he landed a job in the pharmaceutical industry as a package designer.

Shortly after, he decided to launch his own design company in the mid 90s, which lead to a busy decade working on every sort of creative and branding project — from the dawn of the Internet era to overseas brand launch strategies and more.

After working directly with all types of companies in multiple markets for close to 30 years, the Alchemy Elixir System was born. From seeing organizations in a larger, more holistic way to getting to the root of how organizations, customers and industries think and act, Brent has been successful in helping to bridge the gap between data and action.

As co-founder of Alchemy, he focuses on leading organizations through the stormy seas of organizational strategy, creative process management and positive change from within. He also acts as Creative Director on asset development and transformation projects. He and his team of Alchemists have successfully transformed more than 60 companies.

He also does this with individuals:

In his other full-time job, he runs a non-profit Zen center, working as its Abbot (and resident Buddhist Monk), working with individuals, groups as well as participating in speaking engagements. He is the author of “Walk, A Contempory Guide to the Eightfold Path” and is the head instructor of Homonji Iaido, a style of Japanese Swordsmanship (so make sure you pay your invoices on time).