Bunson J. Rattington

The Lab Rat

Bunson J. Rattington began his journey in the far away lands of Canton, Michigan, where he shared a small part of his maze-like home with other rats just like him. He felt he would never stand out to the hundreds of humans who passed by every day. After all, the humans shuffled in and out of the maze with the same “why am I here” look on their face. Maybe it was the endless furniture options or the fact that they had to build the pieces themselves when they got home. Either way, Bunson felt their frustration and was quickly losing hope of ever seeing the world outside the warehouse walls.

Little did he know, his life would soon change…

It was a typical Saturday afternoon in May, and Bunson was antsy to get out of his rat hole. He suddenly saw a human head peering into his home! His energy beamed as the possibility of a new life was finally within reach. The human must have felt his excitement because she picked him up right away. Bunson was quickly sourced by the human Alchemist and was taken to his new home in Royal Oak.

Bunson has since been joined by many other lucky rats and is now living the dream lab rat life. He acts as the eyes and ears of the Alchemy Lab – secretly recording the exciting experiments and funny happenings the humans get into every day. He might even be planning the ultimate takeover…we’ll have to wait and see!