Claudia Paez

Senior Alchemist

Growing up, Claudia was fortunate to live in beautiful parts of the world, allowing her to explore new cultures, meet new people and assimilate to different ways of life. From Venezuela to Argentina to New York, Florida, Texas and Michigan…the list goes on!

Throughout these years of travel, Claudia developed a passion for understanding what drives people to become brand loyal. Is it the brand’s message? The vision? The image? The culture that surrounds it?

She started her career in the fashion industry working at a Miami-based fashion label, where she helped the company find a new niche market that allowed them to stand out from their competitors. In the process, she developed a new level of excitement towards creating a magnetic brand experiences.

She brought that excitement to the Alchemy Lab in 2014 and has since helped over 25 companies in all types of industries (we’re talking everything from industrial manufacturing, to ed-tech, to nonprofits) become magnetizing brands by giving them the clarity and vision they need to capture and engage audiences from the inside-out.

As the Senior Alchemist, Claudia coordinates and oversees everything that comes through the lab – clients, projects, Alchemists…you name it! Her goal is to ensure the the Alchemy Science is conducted at the highest caliber, and the Alchemy magic is experienced by all.

An Obsession-Worthy Side Project

Claudia and Sam are entrepreneurs of their own! They launched a product-review blog in April of 2017, called Certifiably Obsessed, where they analyze and review trending beauty and lifestyle brands by putting them to the CO test to find out if they are truly worth obsessing about. Only the best get their Stamp of Approval…it’s very official.