Kelvin Williams

Growth Alchemist

Kelvin began his career in sales and business development in his mother’s catering company as a teenager. In the family business he learned the value of a tireless work ethic, a curious mind, and a charismatic style. Under the unyielding high demands of the family’s small business he took his first steps into a life as a sales professional.

His passions for literature and business lead him to college. There he studied the myriad of influences and elements of the business world. He learned that in business there is much more to creating a successful company than merely having a great product and high demand. He learned that in the new global economy that more often than not the most accurate data was the biggest differentiator between ruin and success.

After college Kelvin earned an exciting career opportunity working in the sales and marketing division of  a company with the most recognized brand in the world at the time. There he used their world class sales and marketing tools to aid hundreds of companies large and small throughout the Detroit metro area to increase their profitability and strengthen their brands. Here he began to perfect his expertise and skills as a business development professional.

The whimsical and winding ways of his nearly 20 year career eventually lead him to Alchemy. As a Growth Alchemist he focuses on creating new partnership opportunities within the regional business community. He also concentrates his activities around fostering deepening development and growth opportunities within existing client organizations. Together he and his fellow Alchemist combine one part magic and one part science to create transformative elixirs that have successfully transformed more than 60 companies. Alchemy’s Elixir system ensures companies continued growth and longevity.

And so his adventures continue as he seeks new challenges and growth possibilities with a new band of business wizards. Every day they challenge the lethargy and the status quo of the regional business community in an effort to make each partner stronger and more dynamic in their unique markets.