Our Approach


You’ve discovered the formula for marketing success!

Marketing and media complexity has paralyzed many companies to the point where they simply keep doing the same things over and over again — getting the same lackluster results — because they just don’t know any better or have run out of new ideas. This is the definition of insanity.


1 Part Science + 1 Part Magic

The Alchemy Marketing Lab is a team of marketing forensic scientists who explore deep into our client’s company, target market and brand to develop the needed transition to achieve successful outcomes in their marketing pursuits.

Without both science and magic, there remains a gap between operating an organization and understanding how to market, evolve with that market, and how to directly engage with that market.

Our immersive program enables a company to determine where and why marketing isn’t working, then creates an organizational marketing operating system to empower brands to authentically and successfully engage their audiences.


Marketing forensic scientists plunge deep below the surface to discover hidden elements begging to be recovered and refined.


Our Alchemists apply a specially formulated elixir to ignite brand magic, but never forgetting the science uncovered.0  0


We then blend science and magic to put your company on a marketing operating system to truly engage your market!


See how it’s done!