30 Artists. 30 Websites. One Unified Vision.


Park West Gallery, one of the largest privately-owned art galleries in the world, came to us looking for a way to give each of their represented artists an online presence that encompassed a unified PWG vision. With over 30 artists on their ever-growing roster, they needed to have a simple way to both create and manage websites for each artist while maintaining their unique style and personality.

With that challenge at hand, we gathered their list of artists and focused on the top ten most trafficked websites in order to build a template that would translate well for all represented artists to come.



In order to give PWG an easy-to-access, easy-to-manage set of sites, we developed a WordPress multisite platform where all artist microsites would eventually live. This platform gave the client the ability to make theme modifications to specified areas in order to better showcase each artists unique style. It also gave them the power to add and remove sites as their list of represented artists changed.

After a set of discovery meetings and internal research, we developed a design template that allowed for the artists’ work to be the driving factor in their theme design. Each site featured an eye-catching piece that was then used as the color palette inspiration for prominent website elements, like the navigation menu and page headers. This style of design gave each microsite a unique touch with the varying featured pieces and colors.

However, being that we kept the overall design and content template the same for all sites, we were still able to establish a uniform look that allowed for these artist sites to live under the Park West Gallery umbrella brand.



After successfully launching the first ten artist microsites, we moved on the next ten. At this point, we were able to train the PWG team to manage and edit the sites themselves. This gave them the power to control the multi-site platform, which was something they did not have access to with their previous artist sites.

In the end, all it took was a little science and a little magic to give Park West Gallery and its represented artists a unique online presence that captivated a unified look without losing any artistic style.