Bar’s Leaks Website

New Market, New Approach

We redesigned the Bar’s Leaks website to target direct consumers with a DIY mindset, who wanted to save both time and money on their car repair. The website was designed and developed to be user-friendly for the consumer by making products easier to both find and install. We also made it simple for Bar’s Leaks to manage their site and product base by giving them a custom WordPress back-end where they could add, edit and remove products within their categories.

Client: Bar's Leaks
Services: Website Design, UX, WordPress Development

During our Explore phase, it became clear that their target market needed help picking out the right product to match their car’s symptom. So we developed the “3 Minute Mechanic”, a product finder tool that gives users a Good, Better and Best option based on whether their car was leaking fluid, had a funky smell, was blowing smoke or was giving off warning signals.


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