Bringing Brand Clarity to Life


Phimation is a strategic consultant that helps business leaders take control of their organizations and develop strategic roadmaps for future success. Phimation came to Alchemy with the need to create a website and a story that positions the company as a strategic consultant apart from all of the other businesses advisors and coaches in the market. Although Phimation is not a business coach — but rather, a long-term advisor on a company’s strategic direction — the lines were too often blurred in the minds of decision makers that Phimation reaches. A compelling, clear and distinctive story needed to be told.



The Alchemy approach would be one that leverages both visual and verbal elements of persuasive storytelling. The website’s thematic imagery partnered with simple text treatments to underscore key messages:


“Sustained Longevity” — established redwoods in a forest

“Crafted Confidence” to strategy and direction — compass and map imagery

“Winning the Future” — sunrises over horizons depicting mountaintops reached

“Judgment and Wisdom” — winding roads with uncertainty behind the next corner


The new site’s voice was built around a new tagline developed for the brand: “Clarity of Course.” Our creative team played off the intentional dual meaning in the phraseology: 1.) That clarity should come intuitively if presented through a strategic prism, leaving one to think “Of course! Now I see…” 2.) That Phimation, in working with business leaders and management teams, provides leadership with the clarity to correctly identify and purposefully pursue the correct strategic course to win their futures and achieve “sustained longevity.”



The visual storytelling and simplified Phimation value proposition helps readers and prospects quickly understand and identify with the concept of phimation that is behind the company’s brand name:

The natural force that balances creativity and structure in things that start simple and grow more complex.

By dissembling a complex problem into simple components (brand voice and image), Alchemy guided Phimation to attain a here-to-fore illusive clarity of its own, allowing the company to communicate its core strengths and messages to business decision makers more effectively.

The finished product was a clear message, a differentiating position in the market, and a flexible and responsive digital presence — all of which will be scaleable as the company continues to grow.