Capturing the Essence of Storytelling


A client that came to Alchemy with a seemingly simple problem walked away with a robust solution that addressed multiple concerns and achieved a whole series of positive outcomes.

JGA was initially looking to add a responsive design element to their existing website, so that the site was more mobile- and tablet-friendly for users on phones and other small-screen devices. But the more Alchemy dug, the more we mined opportunities to convert base elements into digital gold.



JGA is a strategic design firm that prides itself on conceptualizing a client’s unique and compelling story into every detail of interior and exterior design elements to create an engaging and memorable customer experience. Their finished products are generally eye-popping, immersive, fully sensory experiences. Yet that wasn’t being entirely captured on an existing site that had an approximate 70/30 text-to-image ratio. Also not fully explored was the brand’s creative approach to compelling, captivating storytelling.


Rather than adding a responsive layer to an existing asset, we partnered with JGA to re-engineer the user experience from the ground up.

Images are full-width, in beautiful, breathtaking full-color HD.

Text elements accentuate the story, while the we allow the pictures to paint a thousand words.

Easter-egg call-outs (lightbulb icons dubbed “Bright Ideas”) allow design elements to be further explored upon closer examination.

Visual elements, even when not centrally featured, serve as background design elements that constantly reinforce the memorable, multi-sensory experiences JGA’s work delivers to its clients…and ultimately to their clients’ customers.

The entire voice of the site was built around the concept of “storytelling” as well. The Portfolio became “Show + Tell.” The News section became “Stories”…and their Case Studies, “Stories Told.” Catchphrases, such as “Every great story begins with a memorable opening line…” and “Let’s tell a story together…” carried the motif through to both visuals and text.



The new JGA website checks off all of the boxes the client had coming into the project: responsive design, mobile friendly, more accessible and flexible content management system. But it also achieves some strategic ends the client now sees as the true objective to the project: better user experience, more compelling story, more captivating visuals, a truly scalable marketing asset…and numbers that don’t lie:

In the first 60 days following the March 2015 launch:


User traffic to the site has gone up nearly 27% month over month.

Sessions on the site have increased 25%.

Page views have gone up 8%, and user dwell time on the site has increased by 30%.


Aside from the increase in traffic and site performance, JGA has received numerous anecdotal accolades from clients, peers, partners, etc., reinforcing that the story JGA tells about how they went from a legacy site to a dramatically enhanced user experience had a truly happy ending.