Clarified Metrics and Messaging


Legacy Capital Partners came to Alchemy seeking clarity in their marketing efforts. The implicit presumption was that social and digital media would be the keys to their success. Little did they know, finding clarity would come in more ways than one.

With a strong company foundation of dedicated employees, loyal clientele and opportunities abound, Legacy Capital Partners needed to find a way to have their message heard. But what message? And how?

Our goal was to dive deeper into the company and gain a thorough understanding of the industry to determine what made Legacy Capital Partners stand out…finding ways to capitalize on the strengths that had brought them to where they are today.



Thus, the exploration and research began. To better understand Legacy Capital Partners on all levels, we conducted interviews with leadership, extended team members, and two key groups of external constituents: commercial real estate operators and investors. We identified why both groups, although having a plethora of options to choose from, decide to partner with Legacy Capital Partners for the first time or the 20th time. After the interviews, a thorough competitor analysis and an internal brand audit, we discovered the company’s strengths would not be best communicated through digital marketing solutions after all. Instead, we determined a more personalized, offline approach would be better suited to truly reach their audiences on the personal level their constituents prefer.



With these profound discoveries, we clarified the Legacy Capital Partners messaging to align with the company’s interpersonal approach. Before launching this new platform, clear success metrics were established by the team…a crucial component that had not been fully in place prior. Thus, we created a program geared to not only achieve those metrics, but also leverage the clarity of the messaging.

After just 90 days, the new program was validated by the company’s success in achieving its newfound, primary metric. In that, business clarity was achieved in more ways than one…most importantly in metrics and messaging, free from bias towards particular marketing tactics.