E.W. Kitchens Pandora + Ad Banners

Capturing the experience that comes with working with E.W. Kitchens.

Client: E.W. Kitchens
Services: Scripting, Voice Recording, Digital Banner Design, Print Ad Design

01. Pandora Spots

We scripted two Pandora spots for E.W. Kitchens that captured the two key elements that customers experience when remodeling their kitchen with the E.W. Dream Team.

  1. Actually enjoying the kitchen remodel process
  2. Feeling like E.W. truly understood their lifestyle and thus brought their dream kitchen to life

02. Digital + Print Ads

Through new photography and creative headlines, we were able to create a lifestyle-driven advertising campaign, rather than simply using their showroom kitchens. We took shots of customers actually using their new kitchens to capture the feeling you get when your dream kitchen comes to life.