Elevating a Brand Above Industry Standards


Custom Home Health came to Alchemy in need of a brand refresh. In an overcrowded industry, Custom knew they were different from the rest, but struggled  voicing its unique qualities through its brand. On the cusp of adding a new division, Custom Hospice, our client was addressing both the past and present to determine the future. The addition of Custom Hospice lead way for further emphasizing a previous goal: heighten their employee recruitment strategy in a highly competitive market.

Knowing this, Alchemy’s goal was to refresh the brand and determine the best way to reach high level decision makers and the best future employees.



Alchemy started by diving deep into exploration and research to fully understand the challenges and desired outcomes. The exploration started with defining Custom Home Health’s key differentiators in a highly-saturated industry. To define these differentiators, an analysis of the competitors was performed and direct conversations were held with internal leaders and employees. To better understand the motives and needs of the key decision makers; doctors and referral sources, Alchemy conducted personal interviews with them. Through this research, several key differentiators were revealed.

With these differentiators, we were able to develop the basis of a new brand strategy to elevate Custom Home Health above the others.



Through our exploration and discovery phase, it became apparent that the brand needed to voice the client’s mission to elevate above the rest, always keeping integrity and excellence at the forefront of their practices. With the brand reinvigoration came a new logo, websites for Custom Home Health and Custom Hospice, internal and external rollouts, and refreshing marketing materials. To voice this message of elevation, Alchemy thought beyond the bars once set to create entirely new standards for all portions involved in the brand.

Every detail was thought through: colors, design, and messaging. Each rising above monotonous industry standards.