Reinventing a Brand Identity in the Digital Age


A brand endeavoring to redefine its identity and clearly communicate its service model was looking to create a new brand that would reinforce its leadership position in the statewide business community. Michigan Business & Professional Association (MBPA) needed to find a way to distinguish itself from like organizations, educate professionals on the advantages of MBPA membership, and create a strategy for brand awareness in the changing media environment. In order to reach an audience in the digital age, brands have to understand and embrace the strategies it takes to build an audience, create and curate valuable content, and leverage multiple platforms in our ever-changing social media landscape.



Rather than tearing down an existing legacy brand and rebuilding with the remains, Alchemy partnered with MBPA to invent and launch a new sister brand, custom-engineered for the digitally connected business world. In order to cement its rightful position as the foremost champion of the Michigan business community, MBPA and Alchemy launched the MichBusiness brand as an intuitively relatable and identifiable sub-brand that instantly communicated the organization’s mission to champion successes throughout the Michigan business community.

A separate website would be imagined and developed from the ground up, This microsite would serve as a central clearinghouse for all positivity being generated by the business community in Michigan, aggregating and curating not only news content from across the Web, but real-time conversations and celebrations across social networks. The hashtag #MichBusiness was created and curated by the brand initially, and eventually by the digital community writ-large, as the #MichBusiness hashtag took on a life of its own. Before long, the MichBusiness brand, and #MichBusiness became recognized statewide as the place to celebration and promote success stories happening in the Michigan business community.



Alchemy launched social channels for each of the brand’s entities and created a new digital footprint for the MichBusiness brand. A new online community was created and users across multiple social platforms quickly began to adopt the hashtag (even spurring user-curated Twitter interviews), creating dialogue around the positive news surrounding the statewide business community. Twitter reach for the hashtag measured in the millions of users; social media channel followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn grew exponentially; and Web traffic at went from “zero to 60” inside of three months, with monthly unique visitors increasing five-fold month-to-month.

Most importantly, engagement across social channels skyrocketed, as the MichBusiness sub-brand to the MBPA parent brand became a two-way, conversational, and ultimately, user-generated digital community that joined MBPA in Michigan business success celebration.