E.W. Kitchens Logo + Tagline

With a 70-year history of transforming ordinary spaces into a dream-like reality, E.W. Kitchens had the high-end service and strong company stature to grow beyond what they once were. But even with decades of experience under their belt, there were many aspects of the brand, like the logo and tagline, that needed to be elevated and modernized in order to create a unified brand vision.

Client: E.W. Kitchens
Services: Logo Design, Brand Voice + Tagline Development

E.W. Kitchen’s original logo reflected the confusion of a brand with two different names: Extraordinary Works and E.W. Kitchens.

We modernized and simplified the brand’s image and name with the new logo, and gave it an imaginative flair through font treatments that reflected E.W. Kitchen’s ability to turn dream kitchens into life.

Imagine That

E.W. Kitchens stands out in a fairly crowded market by transforming people’s dreams into reality in such a way that homeowners have said they actually enjoyed the remodeling process.

This became the core of E.W. Kitchens’ messaging and thus their tagline: “Imagine that!” was born.

The concept of “Imagine that!” captures the idea that E.W. Kitchens gives its clients the ability to dream, to enjoy the process and to work with a team that makes an effort to understand their lifestyle.