Getting a Power Player to Pay Attention to You


DivDat was seeking a way to reach a hyper-targeted audience that numbered in the 10s — high-level decision makers at specific public corporations nationwide. It was a unique challenge in that a mass marketing program — such as public relations, digital and traditional marketing, or social media marketing — would have been superfluous, inefficient and wrought with potentially expensive waste. Instead, the laser-focused challenge was to personally identify the precise decision makers within complex organizations, learn their motivators and demotivators, understand how to best appeal to such motivations, and ultimately achieve engagement that would provoke a direct, specific, measurable conversion.



Alchemy started with a deep-dive exploration with the client to understand the goals, objectives and desired outcomes. This situation analysis included an analysis of competition in the marketplace, discovering and defining the client’s unique product benefits, and perhaps most importantly, direct conversations with previously converted target decision makers that had already purchased from DivDat. In order to understand the needs and motives of the decision makers, the Alchemy team conducted personal interviews with current DivDat customers that revealed several key insights, some intuitive and some rather surprising. (In fact, the client wasn’t even certain how this particular buying decision was typically made…or by whom!)

Armed with this valuable intel, we were able to understand how our client could get in front of these high-powered decision makers with the right message, delivered through the right vehicle, at the right time, and in a manner that would successfully penetrate the logistical and philosophical barriers that tend to insulate the C-suite from marketers.



Through our initial exploration and customer interviews, it became apparent that we needed to identify a highly creative way to develop a package that could be delivered directly to the desk of the target company’s decision maker. Typical direct mail (such as postcards) gets thrown away. Emails are easy to ignore. Cold calls are meticulously screened.

Instead, Alchemy ideated to developed an interactive board game that demonstrated and reflected the recipient’s own sensibilities as to how “the customer service game” was changing in their industry. A FedEx package would arrive, containing the boxed game, a game board, game pieces, rules of the game, playing cards, player tokens and more. The nature of the delivery method and the contents of the package practically forced the recipient to pause, take time to consider the contents, and interact with the game in some way…if only to understand what it even was. Of course, the written messages and overarching concept of the piece contained compelling language and easy channels for the recipient to respond to the call-to-action of our choosing. But the mere physicality of the piece, along with the disruptive delivery method, served to overcome 90% of the barrier to entry: simply getting a power player to pay attention.