Long-Standing Company…Reimagined From the Inside Out


With a 70-year history of transforming ordinary spaces into a dream-like reality, E.W. Kitchens had the high-end service and strong company stature to grow beyond what they once were. But even with decades of experience under their belt, there were many aspects of the business and brand that needed to be clarified. Were they portraying a unified brand vision…especially when comparing the two service locations? Were they missing an opportunity to reach a greater audience? Were the right systems in place internally to support growth?

Our goal was to dive deeper into the company, all 70 years of it, and gain a thorough understanding of the industry to determine what made E.W. Kitchens so uniquely wonderful. Simultaneously, we were ready to create a more unified brand…going from two names to one.



Thus, the exploration and research began. To better understand E.W. Kitchens at all levels, we conducted interviews with three key groups of people: clients, builders, and designers. We identified why all three groups, although having a plethora of options to choose from, decide to work with E.W. Kitchens again, and again. At the same time, we discovered where there were missing opportunities to excel even further…internally and externally. As we conducted interviews, we also performed in-depth market research to understand where E.W. Kitchens fit within the cabinetry distribution industry.

Through this data-gathering phase, we discovered key differentiators on which to build upon the platform – further realizing the internal and external factors that needed to be realigned to the new platform.



E.W. Kitchens found a way to stand out in a fairly crowded market by transforming dreams into reality, but doing so with care and consideration every step of the way. This became the core of E.W. Kitchens’ messaging. With this came a new logo, website, advertising assets – including Pandora spots, digital banner ads and print ads – and renewed and revised internal strategies for sales, recruiting, onboarding, and general operations. Not a single detail was overlooked, understanding that the external reflection of the brand can only be upheld when the internal pieces reflect that high standard.

From photo and video shoots to training sessions, Alchemy gave a hand to E.W. Kitchen’s success in every way possible. With a strong brand platform and the systems to support it, E.W. Kitchens will continue to establish themselves as the industry leader…turning dreams into realities along the way.