Michigan Discount Brand Development

How to Make a Discount Brand Matter

Michigan Discount Cabinets came to Alchemy looking for a way to stand out in their crowded market. They wanted to make their brand seem appealing to the target market by updating the logo, the voice and the advertising assets.

Client: Michigan Discount Cabinets
Services: Logo Design, Brand Voice, Ad Designs, Pandora Scripting + Recording

The Michigan Discount Cabinets brand was outdate and unappealing to the general consumer looking to remodel their kitchen with a small budget. The messaging was also confusing and overwhelming.

We modernized and simplified the brand’s image with a new logo that exemplified a craftsman-style look to attract the DIY minded consumer. Even though this was a discount brand, we wanted the consumer to feel like they were getting a bang for their buck.

Fresh Advertising + Pandora Spots

Along with a new logo came new print, digital and audio advertising that conveyed a simple brand message: Quality custom cabinetry that won’t break the bank.” 

With these new assets, we employed a local print and digital ad campaign that reached their target market. We also ran a Pandora campaign in the surrounding areas.