New Kids on the Mountain


When working with automotive performance additive, Rislone, we established multi-touch campaigns that would reach each of their target demographics in a memorable way. One of our main goals was establishing a brand connection and experience with performance-enthusiasts around the country. How could we develop brand recognition within markets that had never heard of them?



Alchemy developed an on-site event activation campaign at the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado. Being that this was a non-motorized event, the Rislone brand certainly stood out from the crowd. But as we studied the Colorado market, we realized that many residents of Colorado drive over 30,000 miles a year – the majority of which drive older vehicles. In other words, this was the perfect market for those looking to extend the life of their cars and give them the performance boost they were in desperate need of.

Not to mention, being the only aftermarket performance additive at the event meant no competition.

The event activation included fun games like corn hole and nerf gun challenges that visitors could participate in to win free bottles of Rislone’s most popular products. We also designed exclusive “retro” swag to give away at events that captured the essence of the brand’s nearly 90-year heritage.



Rislone has now been a crowd-favorite sponsor at the GoPro Mountain Games two years in a row. They saw a 14% increase in brand recognition between the two years and exposed the brand to over 60,000 spectators each year. Rislone created a true connection with their intended audience by giving each visitor a unique memory of the brand, which essentially helps to increase product recognition at the store level.