New Market, New Approach, New Business


Bar’s Leaks is a developer of consumer products in the chemical automotive space who came to us looking for ways they could gain traction in new markets as they were experiencing an aging demographic, strong competition and drastic changes in the automotive aftermarket industry. Adding to the complexity, the Bar’s brand was largely intertwined with sister company, Rislone, making it difficult for either to offer a distinct brand voice and brand value proposition to its similar, yet distinct, market sets.



To market to a new demographic with an existing product line requires first understanding what moves them. Alchemy developed a research strategy to reach out directly to Boomer, Gen X/Y and Millennial generations. We held conversation groups around the country, secret-shopper programs, brand audits, competitive audits, even spoke with buyers and product representatives providing invaluable information. It allowed us and the client to understand not just how to target a new generation, but where the current marketing programs would be the most effective, saving wasted marketing dollars and providing a clear goal on how best to budget to reach a new market of potential buyers and brand advocates.

During our exploration it became apparent that the brands needed to be separated since each brand focused on targeting a different audience. Alchemy was able to dive into what made each brand unique, it’s competitive advantage and how best to speak directly to the consumer.

In order to meet the challenges ahead, Alchemy developed a new engagement strategy for Bar’s Leaks that included national television spots, uniquely targeting each demographic. Digital marketing, experiential marketing events, content development and media relations were also developed to bring the aspects of each brand’s voice to new consumers.



Currently, the assets developed are now in the national arena. Television spots are running on three national cable networks, the new Bar’s Leaks site is live, with easy to use guides to find the best product for a multitude of problems. Our plan reached over 120MM new households over the course of the year.