Odeum Logo + Tagline

Engineering a Brand from the Ground Up

Client: Odeum
Services: Logo Design + Tagline Development

A startup named Axon Spark approached Alchemy with an intriguing proposition: How to create a brand identity and brand voice that would capture the essence of what the client’s groundbreaking technology can achieve in the K-12 education space.

Axon Spark had created, and was about to launch, a gaming environment to teach complex social studies and literature concepts to students by fully immersing them into a “theater,” whereby the teacher sets the stage and the student controls the casts and their actions.

We determined that what the client was selling the ability for teachers to create immersive learning environments for students, similar to how a broadway producer creates captivating environments for the audience to experience.

The company was rebranded as Odeum (taken from the Latin word for “theater”), and an entire brand was engineered around this concept.

Learning From Experience

The newly developed Odeum tagline, “Learning from Experience,” now communicates the brand’s compelling story that not only differentiates the product in a crowded marketplace, but the brand and brand assets immediately draw both teachers and students into the experience of the role-playing technology firsthand.