O’Mara Logo + Tagline

New Market. New Look.

Client: O'Mara Sprung Floors
Services: Logo Design, Brand Voice + Tagline Development

The O’Mara brand and logo needed a refresh in order to enter into a new market with brand confidence.

We elevate the brand’s look with a new logo that played on the action of their product: sprung floors. The clean, modern lines gave the brand a fresh look that positioned them as power players in a new industry.

A Step Ahead

O’Mara Sprung Floors needed a tagline that could encompass both the dance and industrial application of their products. Their messaging needed to quickly and simply convey the benefits of sprung floors.

And thus, “A Step Ahead” was born. O’Mara’s floors are not only a step ahead of the rest, but allow the user and buyer to remain a step ahead by improving performance, energy, vitality and the financial bottom line.