Orlans Group Brand Voice

The Power of a Single Core Purpose

Client: Orlans Group
Services: Brand Voice, Employee Culture, Event Materials


Orlans Group came to Alchemy in 2015 with a company vision that lacked a sense of unity and clarity. Acting as an umbrella brand for four different companies – each specializing in varying aspects of title, real estate law and auction services – Orlans Group had trouble implementing a unified purpose and voice throughout its organization. This made it challenging for them to communicate their message to its current constituents and potential new clients.

Through our own internal and external field work, we defined the company’s core purpose, SIMPLICITY, and core values and created messaging for each of the Orlans Group companies rooted on the platform of the umbrella brand. This messaging gave both employees and leadership and unified voice throughout the organization that successfully extended past their internal walls.

With this clarified vision and voice, we were able to develop content for their Brand Voice Guides for all current and new employees to set the tone for how they would be evaluated moving forward. The guides included the new company core purpose, core values and descriptors for each of the Orlans Groups brands.

“To provide simplicity where complexity exists; to apply precision where process exists.”

Orlans Brand Voice Guide
Orlans Brochure