Rediscovering a Century-Old Landmark


The Community House in Birmingham, Michigan came to Alchemy in need of a brand reset. Known as TCH at the time, this community gem was struggling to connect with those who needed them most. Their mission and purpose within the Birmingham marketplace was unclear, and the countless services provided were overwhelming to residents of the community. With a complex and confusing website to match, the community felt a disconnect with the organization’s identity and core purpose.

TCH had one goal in mind: reposition itself as the vital heart of the community it was once known to be. Alchemy’s goal was to tap into the true core of their mission as well as the perceptions of their constituents to determine the best way to reconnect and revive this near century-old organization.



Before tackling the re-engineering of the brand, Alchemy took to their explorative ways and dug deep to fully understand the previous successes and current challenges of the organization. This deep dive involved conversation groups with leadership, employees, board members and donors as well as surveying the community as a whole.

After reaching out to tens of thousands of residents and constituents, we learned that the community saw TCH as vital to the Birmingham community with the opportunity to be a holistic and central part of everyone’s life. However, they felt they needed help clarifying who they really were, why they existed and why people should get involved with the nonprofit.

We also learned that only 5% of people knew the organization as TCH, but rather referenced it as “The Community House” or “Birmingham Community House.” The community, once they are aware of all the house has to offer, finds it to be an extraordinary destination with opportunities for everyone.

With these discoveries, Alchemy knew it was time to take this brand back to its roots as a way to create a lasting connection with the community.



The results of our research allowed us to set a new brand voice and name, execute internal and external rollout events, and design and develop a new website. Bringing community back to the house was most important, and thus TCH was renamed “The Community House”. The new messaging was created to highlight The Community House for the extraordinary destination that it is, reminding people of the opportunities the house holds for everyone in the community. The new tagline, “It All Starts Here” reflects the organization’s place at the heart of the community with offerings for people at all walks of life.

The new website presents visitors with a sleek and simplified experience that showcases the different sectors of The Community House and guides them through the varying types of journeys and experiences they can start at the house. From classes, to community events, to weddings…it all starts at The Community House.

With a clarified voice, purpose and digital presence, The Community House is primed to successfully continue well into their next century.