Reviving a Heritage Brand


Rislone is an aftermarket automotive consumer brand with a long-standing heritage (over 90 years!).  The problem? Not many people know about them. Due to an aging demographic, changes in the market, competing products and the need to go directly to the consumer, they reached out to Alchemy to help them gain new traction with a new buying demographic and extend a pioneering brand into the coming decades.



As with all of our clients, we first dig deep to understand what moves your target market. We held conversation groups around the country, secret-shopper programs, brand audits, competitive audits, even spoke with buyers and product representatives providing invaluable information.

And what did we discover? Rislone was missing the link between their brand and the direct consumer. Our research allowed us and the client to understand not just how to target a new generation of shoppers, but where the current marketing programs would be the most effective.

With this in mind, we developed “The Rislone Experience”. This included brand new national television spots that targeted three distinct consumer groups, performance-focused event activations and multimedia advertising materials for digital campaigns. We also developed a brand new website that guided potential customers through the Rislone Regimen – an interactive product selector based on the user’s automotive performance goals.



Through national TV placements, targeted Pandora campaigns, programmatic and adwords SEO programs and event activations, we exposed over 120MM households to the revitalized Rislone brand in just the first year of the brand launch.