Sign On Logo + Voice

Client: SignOn
Services: Logo Design + Brand Voice

SignOn was looking for a way to elevate their brand from a startup to a well-established company. And their logo was the first element we updated.

We modernized the brand with a bolder font treatment while blending the type with an icon that borrows from the ASL sign for “connection.

Virtual Immersion Program

American Sign Language programs demand field work but offer limited opportunities for students to actually practice and connect with deaf individuals. Meanwhile, students who study a spoken foreign language are able to visit a given country and immerse themselves in that language. The Deaf Community has no such “country”, and it can be rather difficult to gain acceptance into their community.

This became the core of SignOn’s messaging and thus the concept of: “Virtual Immersion Program” was born.

This concept captures the idea that SignOn gives its users the ability to virtually connect with the Deaf community and immerse themselves in their culture in order to learn ASL more fluently.