SignOn Direct Mail

An immersive direct mail kit.

The SignOn direct mail kit included everything from a viewfinder, to a passport, to an engaging landing page on their website with a video that explains their program. This 3-step process immersed the recipient into the SignOn world to help them understand the reasoning behind their learning platform.

Client: SignOn
Services: Ideation, Direct Mail Strategy, Design, Content

We started off the SignOn direct mail kit experience with an old-school viewfinder. We wanted the user to be fully engaged with the problem that SignOn was trying to tackle: ASL students don’t have a “Deaf Country” to immerse themselves in.

The viewfinder walked the user through seven slides that explained the current situation for ASL students and ended with a CTA to flip through the SignOn passport that accompanied it, which would explain the learning platform that SignOn developed.

Viewfinder Slides 1
Viewfinder Slides 2
Viewfinder Slides 3
Viewfinder Slides 4
Viewfinder Slides 5
Viewfinder Slides 6
Viewfinder Slides 7

Passport FINAL 1
Passport FINAL 1 Bottom
Passport FINAL 2
Passport FINAL 3
Passport FINAL 4