Startup Energy, Established Approach


SignOn came to Alchemy bright-eyed and energized for the future. With a new product aiming to connect the hearing and deaf communities, SignOn was ready to change the world. As exciting as it was, there were many aspects of the brand that needed to be clarified. Were they targeting the right audience? Did they have brand strategy? Were they portraying a unified brand image? Were they missing opportunities?

Cue Alchemy.

Our goal was to research the market and every segment within it, determine the appropriate audience(s) to reach and adjust accordingly. If done right the first time around, SignOn would prosper.



Thus, the exploration and research began. To better understand the customer, we conducted interviews with a variety of current SignOn users ranging from students to parents to employees, both hearing and deaf. We identified why there was an initial draw to SignOn and what kept them coming back. Along with interviews, we conducted a market landscape to understand where SignOn fit in within the EdTech space and where it stood out. Through this phase we discovered key differentiators of the platform and identified two key target markets: ASL students and families with deaf children.

With this new insight, we began building the platform for the brand and determined which elements needed adjustment.



It was apparent that SignOn found a way to connect the hearing and deaf communities in a way that had never been accomplished before. This idea of immersion became the core of SignOn’s messaging. With this came a new logo and website that represented this concept of connection/immersion, while elevating the brand to a more sophisticated level. Not a single detail was overlooked, understanding that colors, design and messaging each needed to be uniquely warm to further emphasize the connection platform. Where we found a need, we filled it. From video shoots to internal and external brand rollouts, Alchemy gave a hand to SignOn’s success.

With a strong brand platform and image, SignOn is establishing themselves as required supplements in numerous universities, and can now successfully take their defined startup into new markets in the years to come.