Wanna Be an Alchemist?

Alchemy is always looking for new alchemists recruits to work in the lab, mixing strange elements and changing the nature of time and space. If you think you would be a great fit and believe in our core values, please use our handy worksheet below to see if you have the right stuff.


Fearless! A charging rhino isn’t a problem, it’s a challenge!

Committed! I don’t even wear a watch! (but I do have an alarm for the morning).

Creative! I don’t think outside the box, I jump on it and smash it up into little pieces and then throw the pieces into a blender.

Multi-talented! I wear so many hats I have to duck to walk through doorways.

Self-managed! I tell cab drivers in cities I have never been to how to get to the destination!


If you answered yes to all of the above – you are probably a little crazy. Crazy like those mad scientists that line our hallway. You sound like a good potential lab rat recruit. Check our list below for the positions we are looking for, and if you don’t see one that describes you, make one up and send it to us and we will be in touch.

Email your resume with a subject line that says: “I wanna be an alchemist!” to elixir@alchemygp.com. Please do not send us a cover letter, unless it is a short, creative story about a puppy and a narwhal creating a plan for world domination.